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Shirish Gupta is the head Counselor and the founder of Mnemonic education. Along with the Co-director and Counselors Rashmi Thakur and Suhaila Gurmukhani form crux of Mnemonic education. What is separates them from any other guidance Counselors is their own experience at various job sectors and their in depth knowledge of different profiles. Shirish Gupta himself has worked as a Computer Engineer, a Financial Analyst, a Teacher, a Content Writer and even a Keynote speaker before settling in to become a renowned education expert.

Apart from the Work experience, other are countless other factors which gives our Counselors the edge. Unlike many other Counselors, our head Counselors have actually gone abroad and studied in top US colleges.

This has given them invaluable experience as to the kind of personal difficulties a student might face while going abroad. Add to that, they have also been officially certified by top Universities as exemplary Counselors. All our Counselors are certified practitioners of MBTI and STRONG psychology test which enables them to deeply understand a student’s needs and help them better.

Apart from all the qualifications, what sets the Mnemonic Counselors apart is their core belief in the importance of better education and giving all their students the right tools so that they may shape their own future. They also believe in creating globally smart students who can work under any requirement and succeed.

Why does one need a Guidance Counselor?

With the exponential rise of technology, the world has become a smaller and smaller place. This is has prompted a new race of students who want to go to the best universities in the world and gain massive global knowledge that comes with the experience. According to the excerpts taken from a survey conducted by Institute of International Education “In 2014/15, there were 88,874 more international students enrolled in U.S. higher education compared to the previous year. India, China and Brazil account for most of the growth in international students on U.S. campuses”

With such a massive increase in numbers, the admission processes in moist top universities have become increasingly more and more competitive. Not only that, but the most of the standardised admission tests like GRE, GMAT and SAT etc have also been revamped to keep up with the competitive spirit of the modern times. In such a scenario, it become more and more difficult for a student to keep track of the various changes done to admission procedures and test formats on a continuous basis. A guidance Counselor is constantly in touch with all the changes in the world of education and can help a student adapt to the new scenarios more easily.

The most important part where a Counselor comes in though is the application process. With so many able applicants each and every year, the process has become more convoluted and has thus resulted in a massive decrease in acceptance rates. An experienced Counselor can help make this process highly efficient and fun at the same time. A place balances profile exponentially increases your admission chances to your dream College or university.

What makes Mnemonic stand out?

Regardless of the increasing difficulties in overseas admission in the last few years, Mnemonic education has seen a constant rise in the number of students we have helped in achieving an admission in their dream college. Even apart from the admission, we have helped thousands of students with immaculate career Counseling and comprehensive Exam coaching. We genuinely believe that all our students are unique and thus, we treat them uniquely.

Our highly experienced Counselors are always up to date with the inner workings of top colleges and Exam institutes. Hence, they provide a comprehensive and simplified methods of application process and exam preparation. Our expert guidance Counselors have not only studied abroad but have been trained and certified by many top foreign universities. This gives them a bigger perspective how foreign admission works and can more closely relate to the student.

We at Mnemonic Education have always been passionate towards educations as we sincerely believe that it forms the foundation of a better society. With our aid and support, thousands of students have achieved an admission in various top colleges with a good scholarship and they are all a testament to our beliefs and passion. We hope you give us the chance to aid you in your quest of a brighter future too.

Our Experts

Shirish Gupta
B.Tech, M.S (USA)
Certified Career Expert
Founder & Director

Shirish Gupta is a renowned education Counselor who is the founder of Mnemonic education. He has studied and worked in US for over 10 years in different sectors before settling in for his one true passion - helping students achieve their dreams.

Suhaila Gurmukhani
Eco (Hons), MBA
Certified Career Expert
Director - Admissions

As a WHO employee Suhaila has worked extensively with many global organizations in various domains ranging from banking, technology, political and social service. This made her realise her true calling is helping students fulfil their potential.

Rashmi Thakur
Certified Career Expert
Director - Counseling

Rashmi is an expert Counselor with more than ten years of experience in fields such as education, career Counseling, and human resource management. She believes that each student should follow their passion and hence tries to find the perfect path to suit her students.

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